Our team of data specialists, IT, strategy and design is able to assist with all phases of the process in achieving your goals with marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and loyalty while maximizing your ROI.

Audit, clean up, data compilation, enhancement and connection to transactional and analytical tools
Targeting, data-mining, campaign management
Customer journey and segmentation
Acquisition and qualification
Analysis of purchase behaviour
Operational segmentation
Life cycle and predictive models
Strategy and action plan
Identifying issues and business opportunities
Marketing strategy by segment
Tactical plan and engagement scenario
Loyalty program
Campaign Development
Campaign and message development
Defining offers and scenarios by target
Content personalization based on customer profile
Automatizing and deploying marketing campaigns
Technological ecosystem
Audit of your technological needs
CXM platform recommendation
Platform integration
Platform parameters and management
Performance analysis
Data Visualization and dashboard setup
Result tracking by campaign and scenario
Strategy analysis by customer
Marketing strategy optimization

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